Week 36: The Week Before Halsway

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Week 36: The Week Before Halsway

It's all systems go here now in the count down to the mega weekend at Halsway Manor. There is so much preparation to do and I need to decide what I am going to teach. I plan on filming the next session at Halsway - just like the last time we were there. So I'll make sure I decide this week which tunes are going to be in the session so I can get them out to people to brush up on! In the meantime - what's new this week? It's all Swedish tunes this week to offset all the Playford from last week!

Hia Hia Svärmor
Polls ur Sven Lorenn Brunn’s Notbok
Polska efter Johan Skedin från Tärnsjö
Hans Grinds Jäspodspolska

Røros Pols - (totally new to the site)

The Folkie Flute tune of the week is also Polska efter Johan Skedin Frances Tärnsjö. (This is a different lesson to the one above!). The tune of the week for the Scottish Smallpipes is Hamburska efter Pehr Ericsson (one of my favourite tunes of all time!)


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