Week 35: Session Week!

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Week 35: Session Week!

The next session is ready to go. It will go out this coming Sunday at 2pm as usual and then stay up. So this week is all dedicated to getting the new tunes up! Half Hannekin has been moved from the old site and I filmed the other five on Monday night and they're all now up and ready for you!

So What is new this week
Half Hannekin
Sellengers Round
Millison's Jig
Epping Forest
Chestnut or Dove's Figary
The Indian Queen
PDF of the Dots

Folkie Flute tune of the week is Levi Jackson Rag from our Zoom ceilidh at Whitby.
I've done a few tunes as backup resources for pipes this week, so we have: Tigers Eye, Vintage Puget, Farewell to the Astra and GPRS Blues.

So hope to see you on Sunday!

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