Whitby@Home Swedish Tune Workshop Mosaic

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Whitby@Home Swedish Tune Workshop Mosaic

Thank you to everyone that came along to the workshop today! So now it's time for the mosaic! We re-filmed the guide track (the piano was too quiet, or muted, or something!) So here are the instructions:

Film yourself playing along to the track using your phone or camera.
Make sure you are wearing headphones so we can't hear the guide.
Don't worry about making mistakes, if there is anything very, very wrong there is a lot I can do in post edit... 😉
If weren't at the workshop and want to send a video, we'd love that too! Click Here for the dots.
We play three tunes in this order:

Polska Från Mariebol - Morfarspolska
Brudmarsch efter Johan Vilhelm Söderkvist
Polska efter Jonas Hansson

Then using WeTransfer.com send the file to me: smallpiper@mac.com

I'll edit it all together and it'll be public on Friday!
Thank you so much!

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