Week 34 – A Whitby Kind of Week

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Week 34 - A Whitby Kind of Week

What a week and what a month! We had a very intense week last week with two film projects coming to a finish in a dead heat. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until next year to find out more about those! In the meantime we're in the middle of Whitby at Home. Some of the things that we're doing will be staying up online for a little while in YouTube. I'll put those videos below this entry!

I'm doing a couple of workshops live in Zoom and I've finally finished the set list. So what's in the workshops?

The Swedish Tunes Workshop - Wednesday at 2pm
Polska Från Mariebol - Morfarspolska
Polska efter Jonas Hansson
Brudmarsch efter Johan Vilhelm Söderkvist
PDF of the tunes

The Contra Tunes Workshop - Thursday at 12pm
Lightening the Load
St Alban's New
New England Square - (new this week to the site)
PDF of the tunes

A few new videos to the site this week:
Tune Friday: Midsommarn and Polska Från Mariebol - Morfarspolska
Time to Dance: Anastasia
Focus on Technique: String Crossing Tune

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