Week 32: A bit of a Playford Week

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Week 32: A bit of a Playford Week

This week we've been getting ready for some heritage work - so the tune of the week is medieval! I've also transferred over the Halsway Virtual Session Number 7. These are a great thing to have a look at as there are quite a lot of tunes that are played in the bar at Halsway and the Halsway Manor course is fast approaching!

New Tune of the Week
Buffens on the Sienaharpa

Tune Friday
Maiden Lane
Upon a Summer's Day
Stanes Morris
The Fine Companion
Some of these Playford tunes are in a story that I tell. I've put the story below for you to watch!

Folkie Flute tune of the week is Springvals after Ceylon Wallin a great G major tune and the Scottish smallpipe tune of the week is The The SlipTease Set.

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