Week 31: August Already?

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Week 31: August Already?

How can it be August already? The year is slipping away fast!

So what's new this week? I decided to complete the lessons for the Fifth Virtual Halsway Bar session. Especially as we took a break from the sessions this week. (We had expected a quiet July/August - but that hasn't happened!). We hope to start filming some more sessions next week, but yesterday I managed to sprain my ankle, so I'm hobbling around a bit at the moment. So what's new?

New Tune of the Week:
The Cedar Fence

Tune Friday
The Sloe
The Rochdale Coconut Dance
The Rogues March
Captain Lanoe's Quick March
Tree in a Bog and Marie's Wedding
Horses Branle (now updated to include the dots!)

For Children
CDs (also good for adults if you see past the animated background!)

In other instruments I've added London's Burning for double bass (who wouldn't want to play London's Burning on the double bass!) and The Black Joke from Playford for Folkie Flute.


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