Week 27: Tunes Update

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Week 27: Tunes Update

It's summer and lovely and warm out there. We're still losing face to face work in the folk world, but we're getting some corporate work, but still most of our work is online. Another dance this week on Tuesday. The dots are available on the dance list page. The dance is in Zoom, it's free with donations appreciated. For the past few days I've been involved in a new project that I'll be able to announce at some point in the future - but it might take a little time away from filming videos. But have no fear - I'll still be posting new things each week. We haven't decided the next session yet - so if you have a request, leave it in the comments section! So what's new to the site this week?

Vicki & Jonny's Dance Tunes
The Lace in the Door (Jig)
Hands Across the Pond (Waltz)

A Focus on Technique
Fläderhuspolskan (polska bowing)

Tune Friday
Hamburska efter Pehr Ericsson

Polska efter Pål Karl Persson

The whole of the Virtual Halsway Session 16 has been transferred. (I'm not moving them in order!) This week's Folkie Flute is Tierpspolskan and we have The Piper's Wedding in the Scottish Smallpipes Course.

Stay well and in tune!
lots of love

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