Week 26: Tunes Update

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Week 26: Tunes Update

This weeks session is another week of our Waltzes. We really have had fun putting together lots and lots of waltzes and we love sharing them, so here's another 5 tunes! The blog entry is up with the details!

So what's new this week?

Vicki & Jonny's Dance Tunes
Poppy's Present (totally new)
The Revelstoke Wedding (totally new)
Lightening the Load

Focus on Technique
The Bowstring Reel

Zen Scales Week 7 has arrived on the site.

A little bit of tidying has been done in the Four-A-Day for C tuned harpa and I've made a note of the lessons with only audio lessons.

This weeks Folkie Flute Friday tune is Skålbergslåten. I've now also added a Scottish Smallpipe course and over time will be transferring my old bagpipe teaching materials to this site. It's good to have everything in the same place!

Our next Zoom dance is on Tuesday 6th July - the dots will end up on the dance page, but isn't quite there yet. Get in touch for the Zoom link!

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