Second Week of June Update

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Second Week of June Update

I hope you're all having a great week and enjoyed playing along with the slow airs on Sunday! This week I've added the children's course. These were videos that I made during the first lockdown and didn't really do much with them. If you're a complete beginner you could do worse than give these a go! You'll be able to tell straight away they've been aimed at children and played on a mini-harpa - but all playing is good playing!

Tune Friday

Oskars Schottis (totally new)

Focus on Technique
Study in D major (totally new)

Children's Course
Merrily We Roll Along
Hot Cross Buns

Zen Scales Week 6 is now live on the site!

The next session will be on Sunday 20th June at 2pm and as it is so close to Midsommar - it's going to be Swedish tunes fit for Midsommar! To give you a sneaky peek at what is likely to be on the list it's likely to include:
Äppelbo Gånglåt
Näckens Midsommar Polska
Spikens Vals
Gärdsbgubbarnas Polska
Sture's Schottis

I've also spent some time ordering the tunes that we've done in the session, so if you want to jump to a tune, or jump to the session that a tune is in, you can now use the list!

I've been quite inspired to do more flute and double bass - so each Friday there is going to be a new flute tune published. A Folkie Flute Friday! I've filmed and edited 12 so far - so they'll be going up one at a time!

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