The Global Lille Långdans från Bingsjö

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The Global Lille Långdans från Bingsjö

Wow! What a day World Nyckelharpa Day was! It was truly amazing to see the hashtag pop up all over the place. I couldn't keep up!! I definitely need a bigger team working on it next year! But it's not over for this year. We have the Global Lille Långdans från Binsjö to mosaic video to put together. So even if you didn't play it at the time - you have a week to film yourself and send me the video now!

The instructions are simple! Put your headphones on and film yourself playing along to the video below. Then send me the video! Send the file using to info[a] I'm half way to matching last years total. It would be amazing to pass it! If you'd like to play the harmony parts - then visit the World Nyckelharpa Day Lille Långdans page.
So grab your nyckelharpa and your camera and send me your video!
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