Third Week of April Tune List

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Third Week of April Tune List

This week is an exciting week for us - we're going out on the road! we have some filming to do and then a lot of preparation for World Nyckelharpa Day - so I might not get as many things added as I'd have liked. So I'll star by leaving the reminder of the Lille Långdans från Bingsjö! There are now two chances to take part live: midday UK time and 3pm Pacific (that's 11pm in the UK!) - Lille Långdans från Bingsjö Click the link and join in! (The tunes marked ** are totally new and not just moved from the old site)

Old Style Harpas

Tune Friday
Emperor of the Moon**
**Air from the Double Dealer**
A Trip to Paris
Red House
The Cotillion

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