Last Bit of March – Tune list

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Last Bit of March - Tune list

We've got just a little bit of March left and have headed in April and these are the tunes I've added this week! We have a bunch of new videos in the pipe line. So after Playford - we're going to head off to the Medieval period for a while - watch this space!
Tunes Moved = 89 out of 300

So Sunday night I had a bit of a disaster on my main Nyckelharpa website and I corrupted it. This is a good excuse for a spring clean - but it meant that my Nyckelharpa Four a Day stopped working, so this week has mostly been about filming and restoring the Four-a-Day to fully functional on this site. It's been a lot of work!! I had always intended on replacing the lessons with only audio with video. So I replaced quite a chunk this week and hope to film the rest as soon as I can.

So this week I haven't transferred as many old tunes as I had hoped - but the Four-a-Day is now here!
** Totally New!

Tune Friday
**La Gavre** (Playford)
**Rufty Tufty** (Playford)
The Rowan Tree
Three Around Three (English)
Rocking the Baby (Jig)
Colin's Cattle (Slow Air)
The Piper's Wedding March (Bridal March)
Polska Cups

Beginner Tunes
Flickan Hon Går i Dansen

Time To Dance
Fikavalsen (Waltz)

Halsway Virtual Session
All of the Session Zeros are now transferred over complete with their lessons

Nyckelharpa Four a Day Restoration Progress!
After a long week, the whole of the NH4aD is now restored onto this site and a course for NH4ad C tuned and NH4aD D tuned courses separated into two different courses to prevent confusion. Next job - finish filming the lessons that only have audio! Hopefully next week!

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