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A Playlist of all the sessions - most recent at the top
ChildegroveSession 1PlayfordEngland
Row Well Ye MarinersSession 1PlayfordEngland
La GavreSession 1PlayfordEngland
Rufty TuftySession 1PlayfordEngland
Cantiga 166 de Alfonso X "Vox Vulgaris"Session 2CantigasSpain
Çantigas de Sante Maria No. 353Session 2CantigasSpain
Çantigas de Sante Maria No. 417Session 2CantigasSpain
A Virgen Mui Grioriosa - Cantiga 42Session 2CantigasSpain
MagnushymnenSession 3MedievalSweden
 KråkemålSession 3MedievalSweden
Emperor of the MoonSession 3PlayfordEngland
Air from the Double DealerSession 3PurcellEngland
Red HouseSession 3PlayfordEngland
Trip to ParisSession 3PlayfordEngland
Waltz for Shari by JonnySession 4WaltzJonny's Tune
Elsy's Waltz by VickiSession 4WaltzVicki's Tune
Fikavalsen by VickiSession 4WaltzVicki's Tune
The Kindness of Thwaite by JonnySession 4WaltzJonny's Tune
The Winter Wedding by JonnySession 4WaltzJonny's Tune
VendelpolskanSession 5PolskaSweden
HälleforsnäspolskanSession 5PolskaSweden
Schottis från LimaSession 5SchottisSweden
SvängrumpaSession 5PolskaSweden
1814Session 5PolskaSweden
Hector the HeroSession 6Slow AirScotland
Bonnie at MornSession 6Slow AirEngland
The Ash GroveSession 6Slow AirWales
O’Hara’s Cup by O’CarolanSession 6Slow AirIreland
Fair Maid of BarraSession 6Slow AirScotland
Äppelbo GånglåtSession 7GånglåtSweden
Näckens Midsommar PolskaSession 7PolskaVicki's Tune
Spikens ValsSession 7ValsSwedish
Gärdsbygubbarnas PolskaSession 7PolskaSwedish
Sture's SchottisSession 7PolskaSwedish
One for DianaSession 8WaltzJonny's Tune
The Race for HomeSession 8WaltzVicki's Tune
Poppy's PresentSession 8WaltzJonny's Tune
The Revelstoke WeddingSession 8WaltzVicki's Tune
The WillowsSession 8WaltzJonny's Tune
Mr Lane's MaggotSession 9PlayfordEngland
Jenny Pluck PearsSession 9PlayfordEngland
Duke of Kent's Waltz No. 1Session 9PlayfordEngland
Gathering PeasecodsSession 9PlayfordEngland
Hunt the SquirrelSession 9PlayfordEngland
Half HannekinSession 10PlayfordEngland
Sellengers RoundSession 10PlayfordEngland
Millison's JigSession 10PlayfordEngland
Epping ForestSession 10PlayfordEngland
Chestnut or Dove's FigarySession 10PlayfordEngland
The Indian QueenSession 10PlayfordEngland
Doodle Oak CloggersSession 11ReelJonny's Tune
ChildegroveSession 11PlayfordEngland
The Female SaylerSession 11PlayfordEngland
Dr Who Pirate JigSession 11JigUSA
Hornpipe HollandicaSession 11HornpipeJonny's Tune
Lightening the LoadSession 11ContraJonny's Tune
Red HouseSession 11PlayfordEngland
GoddessesSession 12PlayfordEngland
Row Well Ye MarinersSession 12PlayfordEngland
Juice of the Barley (Stingo)Session 12PlayfordEngland
Millison's JigSession 12PlayfordEngland
NonesuchSession 12PlayfordEngland
Tongue in CheekSession 12PolkaVicki's Tune
Poppy's PresentSession 12WaltzJonny's Tune
The Little PardSession 13Waltz-ishVicki's Tune
Jeannie's Blue E'enSession 13JigScotland
The Drunken PiperSession 13ReelScotland
100 PipersSession 13JigScotland
Donald McLeods ReelSession 13StrathspeyScotland
Hyde and SeekSession 13JigVicki's Tune
Hawaiian ContraSession 14ReelJonny's Tune
Seth's Jolly ContraSession 14ReelJonny's Tune
Incognito IanSession 14JigJonny's Tune
JoLaine’s JigSession 14JigJonny's Tune
Italian PantsSession 14ReelJonny's Tune
Dot Dot DotSession 14ReelJonny's Tune
Vintage PugetSession 14WaltzVicki's Tune
Hyde & SeekSession 14JigVicki's Tune
The Japonica JigSession 14JigVicki's Tune
Hands Across the PondSession 14WaltzJonny's Tune

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