Week 35: Playford Dancing Master 1651

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There is so much happening this week - I can't edit fast enough!!

It's two weeks to Halsway and much preparation needs to be done! However.... 2023 marks 400th the anniversary of the birth of John Playford the music publisher that brought us The Dancing Master. In celebration of this fact I've decided that my next 104 #shorts should be the complete 1651 dancing master. This is the first edition. If you want to play along I've created a new module where you can find all the dots. There isn't a lesson for each tune - but there are lessons and information for quite a lot of them!

We had a great dance on Tuesday and the video is all edited and ready for you to play-along with. I spent some time this week filming some of our waltzes so we have a new lesson for Farewell to the Astra. We have another dance on Tuesday - so hope to see some of you there!

We also have Jan's Waltz on the flute. I'm busy filming and editing at the moment at the same time as preparing for Halsway, so there will be some new Scottish smallpipe and fiddleharpa next week!


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