Week 34: Three Weeks to Halsway

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It's three weeks to the Halsway Manor Nyckelharpa Festival! I'm three days away from returning home for the summer so my head is starting to fill up with all the little jobs I need to do. One room has come up as being available so if you want to come and want a single room - don't delay, book it! There are a few dorm room beds left and unlimited camping.

This week we've been up in the north of the country at Warkworth Castle. This weekend it's Dover Castle - the complete opposite end of the country!

So what's new this week? A bit of a mixed bag!
Washerwoman's Bransle - this is in the moraharpa course, but it's in a great place for nyckelharpa or fiddleharpa.
Lybeus Distonys - the lesson for this is on nyckelharpa and moraharpa, but I usually play it on the sienaharpa. So you have options for this one!
Reinländer från Norge - this is for standard nyckelharpa and is super groovy!


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