Week 13: The Spelborgarmärke

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And just like that Halsway Manor was over! It was an amazing seven days at Halsway and I'll be posting up tunes over the next few weeks. There is some exciting news this week - but first the new tunes.

On the nyckelharpa we have Polloness ur Mattia Silvius Notbok
For there A-Z of dance tunes for the flute we have Upon a Summer's Day
On the Scottish Smallpipes we have Apples and Chairs, a tune that doesn't need any gracenotes.

So the big news! I am so proud to be able to announce the launching of the Spelborgarmärke! It's a brand new initiative to help encourage people on the road to learning tunes from memory. To gain this badge all you need to do is to play a tune from memory. Simples! I've already used it to encourage reluctant students and the effects have been incredible! You can hear more about this on the Nyckelharpa News Network news broadcast at 10am today! If you want your own badge it's available now in the shop!
Exciting times!
More next week

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