Week 12: On Our Way to Halsway!

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As I type this I am sitting in the van on the way to Halsway Manor for the Spring Weekend. It's been a long week of being on the road, learning new tunes to teach and thinking hard about World Nyckelharpa Day. We're at Halsway for seven days - three days teaching nyckelharpa and then five days being the band for a dancing and walking week. It's a lot of fun - but also a lot of preparation. 92 dance sets to sort through and practise!

So what's new this week?

I've added Kwirhöken to the site this week. I love this tune with its very jolly second half!

For the flute we have reached T and it's Take a Dance. It feels like we're reaching the end of the flute tunes and I'm going to need to do some more! Any requests? I can do another A-Z, that was fun to put together and I'll happily do another one! Or maybe a shed load of Swedish tunes? Let me know!

On fiddleharpa we have Flagpole Tree. It's another tune I teach everyone! Great for bowing.
On the Scottish smallpipes I was requested to teach The Badger and the Weasel. This was a fascinating tune as it includes a note that I could only get if I stopped up two tone holes with bluetac! Watch the video to see!

It's four weeks until World Nyckelharpa Day - so this is your reminder to film something and send it to me!!

More from the Manor next week!

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