Week 37: Halsway is close!

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It's the start of the week where loads of nyckelharpa players descend on Halsway Manor. Many people are already on their way! As the week goes on I'll be more and more frantic, so this entry is being written early! What's new?

Gammal Schottis efter Bengt Håkansson for the Swedish säckpipa and also a starters video.
The Butterfly was added for the fife. There are a few fife lessons being added to the flute - but when they're in, there is a whole new flute thing going to happen!

I am going to be doing some Henry Purcell catches for the nyckelharpa at Halsway, so this week I have released the first of these! An Ape, a Lion, a Fox and an Ass is quite jolly! I'll be doing 10 of these at Halsway so watch out for a spate of these catches with minus one parts this autumn!

I have just released my 1000 public video on YouTube! To celebrate I jumped out of the recording session I was in and filmed a little waltz that I composed just before I hit record. Enjoy - The Thousandth!


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