Week 36: One week to Halsway

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It's just one week to go until Halsway and I'm getting excited! Watch out for some cool new tunes from Småland in the next few weeks! I'm also working on a new mic comparison microphone. It's one for use in ceilidhs and it's going to get a proper workout this weekend!

So what's new? We have four tunes this week:

For nyckelharpa, I added a new performance video to Jonny's tune New England Square. It's a jolly tune! I also added The Archer from the Huntsman's Chorus. It's a video on the mini-nyckelharpa and I've put it in the Children's section - but it's a great tune and worth playing.

I added a fife lesson - Paddy in London.
For Scottish Smallpipes we have Champion of the Seas, I love this tune a lot, so expect it to turn up in the nyckelharpa course at some point soon! (It won't be in this key!)


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