Weeks 12 and 13 – from Halsway Manor!

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We're right in the middle of a two week stint at Halsway Manor. It's been brilliant! Over the course of 7 days we've had 25 nyckelharpa players ranging from advanced to complete beginner. We've covered technique, tunes and even done filming for World Nyckelharpa Day! I'm busy working my way through the resources to send out to people, it's going to take a little while as we're about to start our second week at Halsway playing for dancing. Over the week if I manage to upload some of the new tunes I'll do it, but the internet is really slow here and I mean r e a l l y slow!

So I've managed to upload:
Et To Tre
Frere Jacques
Seth's Jolly Contra

Transferred over to the site we have this week:

More as it comes!

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