Week 9: What happened to February?

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It's dance week again! It always seems to be dance week. You can catch us live on Tuesday 1st March at Symmetry and on Saturday 5th March in Atlanta (technically it's 6th March at 00:30!). Grab the links and the dots on the Zoom dance page.

So what's new this week? A mix of things...
Double Shot Coffee

I added a whole new course for the English Border pipes and then added Double Shot Coffee to it, it was originally written for the border pipes anyway!

I'm right in the middle of putting together what I'm going to be teaching at Halsway Manor in a couple of weeks, so the new tunes added to the site are going to be light on the ground until I get back. But with over 550 lessons on this site and 32 sessions, there's enough to keep anyone going!


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