Week 7: Let’s get Training!

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Week 7: Let's get Training!

It's been a camera week this week I've created my "tune more commonly associated with another instrument" for World Nyckelharpa Day and it's ready to go. You'll have to wait until the 24th April to find out more about that though!

I thought it was time to add a few more lessons for other instruments:
Polska efter Johan Petter Landholm for Swedish Säckpipa, but it actually features both säckpipa and Scottish smallpipes.
Polska efter Lennart Skoglund for Scottish Smallpipes.
The Shoemaker for Double Bass

But the big thing I added to the site this week is Donald McLeod's Reel. This tune was featured in the last session, but I didn't have the accompanying lesson. I've now fixed that and added it. What has taken time on this one is that I decided to turn it into an endurance video. Do you have what it takes to join me on a 46 minute epic metronome session on this tune? Limber up and see if you can go the distance! Donald McLeod - Endurance Training.


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