Week 2: Benslow Week

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Week 2: Benslow Week

I have just returned from teaching Swedish tunes at Benslow. It was brilliant to be out teaching again! So what did we do? Here's the list. It's not quite complete as I haven't got films/lessons for two of the tunes. They'll end up in next week's blog entry!

Skänklåt, Skålarna Nr 9
Christina Nilssons Vals
Schottis efter Sixten i Verpehultesberg
Vännen’s Långdans
Pols efter Jon Andersson
Polska efter Hugo Hägerström

I've also finally managed to re-film Poignant Waltz so you can finally play along with it!

This week's Spotify tune is here and is below. You can check out the whole Playlist on the Spotify page.


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