Week 33: Halsway Session and Whitby Workshops

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Week 33: Halsway Session and Whitby Workshops

August continues its march ever onwards!

So what's new this week?
This week I have made sure that all the tunes from the Virtual Halsway session number 14 have been transferred to the site. I am putting this session below so that you can play along right from this blog entry! There are now over 202 nyckelharpa lessons in the tunes by difficulty list! This doesn't include the Zen scales or Nyckelharpa-Four-A-Day, so this is already becoming a vast website! Time to back it up!

On Saturday 21st August we are playing for the opening ceilidh at the Whitby@Home festival. The dots are up on the Dance Page. It would be lovely to see any of you there! I am also doing a nyckelharpa workshop with Swedish tunes playable on most instruments (I'm aiming at D/G melodeons and D whistles). So there will definitely be happy G major tunes and the chances are they'll be from Småland - which is where my family is from. As the schedule stands this is going to be on Wednesday 25th August between 2-3pm in Zoom. It's free (donations welcome!) Then on Thursday 26th I am doing a contra dance tunes workshop at 12pm. Everything will be backed up with lessons on this website too. Last year we made a mosaic video from the Swedish tunes workshop - I'd like to do that again. So definitely keep your eye open on this blog entry!

Hope you're well and hope to see you in Whitby!

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