Zen Scales for Nyckelharpa

These are a series of scales filmed to help us all get through lock down during Covid19. When I started them I had no idea how long lockdown would last. Somewhere during week 7 I decided it was getting harder to get the scales out in a timely fashion, so I decided I should stop at 8 weeks so that I could go and write some new performing material! If you're new to the scales, work your way through them one scale per day. Use this to help play beautiful clean notes. Be in the Zen Zone. Listen and Be.

Zen Scales - Week 1

Zen Scales - Week 2

Zen Scales - Week 3

Zen Scales - Week 4

Zen Scales - Week 5

Zen Scales – Week 6

Zen Scales – Week 7

Zen Scales – Week 8

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