Play-along Videos!

Twice a month we play for an online Zoom dance. These dances are free to attend, but donations are welcome. We now record these dances and put them up here so you can watch/listen/play-along after the event! These are hidden links and you can only access them if you are a subscriber to this site.

Symmetry Zoom Dance Play-along

We're in Symmetry twice a month and these are the videos from there. It took a couple of videos to figure out we just wanted the music and no caller. The music is included so you can play along, or just listen!


Symmetry Zoom Dances - An Index Preview Symmetry Dance 29th August 2023

Zoom Dance Tunes Play-along

We played so many dances during the pandemic, but hardly ever took recordings of those. Here are a few that we did!


All Hands In Zoom Dance 6th June 2023

Live Dances

Lockdown Halsway Bar Session

Vicki & Jonny's Session from Studio 2

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