Nyckelharpa 4-a-Day – D tuned

This is for the complete beginner, just starting out. The idea is that you work through each day one at a time, you don't have to go back to day 1 after day 2 - just keep moving forwards.

The name was inspired by the eating your five fruit and veg a day. But in this case we have four bars on each line, four lines on each page. This version is for people with a nyckelharpa tuned ADGC (known as D tuned).

There are six weeks to this course. At the moment there is a mix of audio lessons and video lessons. Videos are being made for the audio lessons. To gain access to the course you can either be a monthly subscriber or pay a one time access fee. (That will get you this course, but not the others)

NH4aD Week 1 - D tuned

NH4aD Week 2 – D tuned

NH4aD Week 3 – D tuned

NH4aD Week 4 – D tuned

NH4aD Week 5 – D tuned

NH4aD Week 6 – D tuned

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