Week 16: Did I Mention World Nyckelharpa Day?

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There is lots going on right now! Halsway last weekend was amazing! The Halsway Parade was filmed from a Birdseye view this year! We have a pencilled in date for the Spring weekend already: Friday 28th-Sunday 30th March 2025. We're pretty sure it's going to be that date.

Catch Club this week is another easy catch called Bowl Barrow. I was aiming for some nice crunchy chords! We have two more Playford tunes to get you ready for our YouTube Play-along video for World Nyckelharpa Day - Let Monarchs Fight from Dioclesian by Henry Purcell, adapted by Fried de Metz Hermann and The Black Nag in A minor. On the fiddleharpa I've added a technique lesson in string crossing. It's the string crossing exercise for An Air for Aires. We had a Zoom dance on Sunday and that video is now edited and ready for playing along to.

It's World Nyckelharpa Day in just over a weeks time and I am busy editing videos, there is a lot going on and the YouTube playlist is looking pretty healthy. But the big thing this year is the Global Zoom Cafe. It's opening at 11:30am and is going to stay open for about 12 hours! We have workshops (Alyssa Rodriguez, Kirsty Money and Regina Kunkel), a session (The American Nyckelharpa Association) and a concert (by myself and Jonny). But the big thing that is very is exciting is that we are going to have a stream coming in from Källunge Church on Gotland - the very place where the stone statue is. This is not to be missed!

So how do I come along? I hear you say. Either drop a donation into World Nyckelharpa Day - or send me an email. My vision is that people can come along do the workshops and have a chat with other nyckelharpa players around the world! So if you can - drop in at some point in the day!
More next week - I have a lot of preparations to do before the day!

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