Week 13: Happy Easter!

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We've been at Halsway Manor this week playing for the Walking and Dancing Week. It's been a lovely week with lots of dancing, some walking and quite a lot of filming! I took the opportunity to film the beginner catches and a session for World Nyckelharpa Day! I'll be uploading and setting the premier up for that as soon as we get back!

So what is new? I've been going through the old Lockdown Halsway Bar Sessions and adding them into a new module in the Play-alongs course. It's going to take a while to sort through them, but I'll feature one each week. This week it's what call Session Zero and it's aimed at complete beginners. This is a session based on the tunes I teach all my beginners. So even if you're not a beginner, playalong for the nostalgia

This week I'm tying up Catch Club with the featured session. I have promised that every so often Catch Club will be aimed at beginners. This is a a beginner Catch week and what is it? Of course it has to be Perry the Partridge! I recorded a batch of these so they'll be coming out over time. (They're not filmed yet!) I've also made a new batch of Nobody escapes Perry the Partridge badges ready for the Harpas at Halsway Spring Weekend in a couple of weeks!

On the Scottish Smallpipes we have An Dro, which is a Breton Tune.
On the säckpipa we have Schottis från Lima.
On the nyckelharpa we have Minor Mount Hills.

More next week!

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