Week 11: Happy St Patricks Day

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It's St Patricks Day this week, so we filmed the Kahlua Jig & Reel in our dance at Symmetry on Tuesday. I told the story of how I came to write these two tunes, which was as an audition tape for a certain beverage. The actual advert is below. These are links to the lessons of the Kahlua Jig and the Kahlua Reel.

So what else is new this week?
Catch club this week is An Ape, A lion, a Fox and An Ass
The Symmetry dance this week was mostly fiddleharpa with a little flute thrown in. There is another dance on Tuesday - 6pm this week too until the clocks change next week.
On the flute we have Edvards Glada - it's very jolly.
On the säckpipa we have Kontrabasharpapolskan.

We're now very close to Harpril and I am busy preparing what I'm going to teach at Halsway. Watch this space, it's going to get busy! More next week.

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