Week 10: Suffolk Playford Ball!

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Week 10 was a really busy week. We were out doing medieval work in schools followed by two dances, which meant I missed the Friday mail out! We decided to try something neon Saturday and that was to film and record the dance just like we do for Symmetry. Then I decided I had to edit that video together and publish it for this week's news entry. And that is how I find myself writing this on Monday! Because I'm so late and the Suffolk Playford Ball took some time to edit, it's a small number of things added - but in terms of hours of watch time - it's quite large!

Suffolk Playford Ball - Play-along video
In Catch Club this week we have - Let Us Love and Drink.
Jorvik Pipe Tune on Nyckelharpa
Jorvik Pipe Tune on säckpipa!

We're in Symmetry on Tuesday 12th March - 6pm! Note the earlier time as the USA has gone to summer time already!

Most importantly - World Nyckelharpa Day is coming up fast! I've put out a request for people reading a script so I can make an advert. The script is on this page - but here's a direct link. I should have the advert out for Friday's update! Then I'll be requesting videos!
More next week!

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