Week 47: Recording!

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We had our Symmetry Zoom Dance on Tuesday and it was 100% nyckelharpa. It's now ready and edited, so pop on over to watch and/or play-along! The Playford in Shorts continue and we've reached 67 tunes now!

This weeks flute tune is Fenterlarik. I've been filming on the flute, so the next lessons are all going to be Swedish flute tunes playable on a 6 hole flute. Watch this space as these come on in!

On the nyckelharpa we have Polska ur Göran Peter Göranssons Notbok, one of the tunes that I taught at Halsway this year - I love this tune! We also have the lesson for the Broken Drone, which is one of Jonny's Waltzes. We played it back in July for Symmetry.

This week I have been recording all the Catches that we've done in Catch Club, so after Christmas I hope to get the Catch Club on the website up and running with videos that you can play along with. I'll be shuffling the catches that are already on this site into a new Course - which of course I'll be calling Catch Club. 😀
More next week!

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