Week 41: Dance Week!

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This week has been full of dances, filming and editing! I've been back home from Fürsteneck for a few days now and have edited all the tunes that I taught and the videos of the class. It was a lot of fun in Germany and I look forward to my next trip back sometime in the future! One of the things I taught was Jonny's New Vals - so I have added a video below of me playing the duet.

So what is new this week?

We have a new lesson in the technique course and that is the New Vals Bowing Exercises.
We have a lesson for The Parson's Farewell - this was in the Playford in #shorts too, so a good tune to teach!
On the Swedish Säckpipa we have Långdans från Sollerön. A great tune that all säckpipa players play!
On the Scottish Smallpipes we have Winter's Waltz written by Jock Agnew.

We also had our Symmetry Dance this week so there is a brand new play-along video for you to watch.
Enjoy! More next week.

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