Week 26: Halfway Through

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We're half way through the year! I do not know where the year has gone! We have another Zoom dance coming up on Tuesday 4th July. The music is already up on our Zoom dance page. Other than that I'm actually home for a week!

So what's new this week?
We have for the nyckelharpa Agracious Plenty and Random Things. I also want to feature a tune that I wrote for the half way through the year point a few years ago - Mid-Year Spice. I also played that on Tagelharpa!
On the fiddleharpa we have The Squirrel. We play this in the middle of a song, very jolly!
On the Scottish smallpipes we have Follow Her Over the Border.
I have now been posting a short every day for six months! I can't believe it's been six months already! So I chose to write a tagelharpa tune for the occasion. I just called it Halfway Through.

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