Week 24: It’s hot in the studio !

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Wow, it's hot weather out there! I nearly sweltered to death whilst filming pipes this week! The green drapes, the hot lights, no fan or window to circulate any air! This was a week for the Scottish smallpipes, all my students managed to co-ordinate themselves into this week, which was impressive as they all have different timings! So what's new this week?

New to the site for nyckelharpa is Polska Ur Lennard Skoglunds notebook.
I added the fingering to Crab Stretch, both for C-tuned and D-tuned harpas.
I decided to add Hearts Eyes and other Tales to Subscriber extras, this was filmed in lockdown October 2020.
I added Gone with the Tide written by Jock Agnew into the Scottish Smallpipe course.
I added Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to the FIddleharpa course. It's good to have a tune you recognise and is nice and simple so you can concentrate on other things!

We have a Zoom Dance on Sunday and we'll be taking a recording again - it's at 7pm in Zoom The dots are up! The last two dances will be put up at some point when they're edited. So plenty to look forward to there!

I'm still doing the shorts every day! Want to see how I'm getting on? I've put the playlist below!

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