Week 11: Halsway Prep week!

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It seems like only yesterday I came back from Halsway and here we are preparing again! Lots of lovely new tunes and lots of lovely new nyckelharpa players! It's St Patrick's Day as I post this, so it's time for my annual posting of Connaught Man's Rambles!

So what's new? We have Höökpers Vals - it's truly gorgeous! I did a bowing exercise this week - Bowing Exercise - The TaDaa. I called it the TaDaa, but you could call it a tachum in Highland Pipe music, or the Scotch snap. I call it all sorts of things as I'm trying to explain it!

I decided to do London's Burning on the FiddleHarpa this week. It might be over played as a recorder tune - but it's really effective!
We've reached S on the flute and Sellenger's Round.
On the Scottish Smallpipes we have Vännens Långdans. This isn't in the same key as the nyckelharpa version. It's a great little tune though whatever key you choose to play it in!


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