Week 4: Preparing for Halsway

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Halsway Manor has come round again and I find myself right in the middle of preparations putting together the music I want to teach, making badges and general getting ready! I've done quite a bit of filming, so there's plenty of videos over the next few weeks!

What's new on the site this week?
On the nyckelharpa we have Tureholms 'Skreken' Schottis (I'll be doing this at Halsway next week!)
We have The Partridge for the Scottish Smallpipes.
We have reached N on the A-Z of dance tunes for flute and Neat Mr John.
For Fiddleharpa we have Femtiöringen.

A lockdown project of mine was learning to play the tagelharpa. It's been recorded on a few projects since then, so I've added a new course for the Tagelharpa. I'll be adding a few bits and pieces, it's mostly there as a good resource. This week I added a help guide video to show people how I hold it.

I've also finally done my unboxing of the Remic V520. I had been hoping for an amazing replacement to my AKG "sticky bug" - you'll have to watch the video to see if it was!

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