Week 41: Post Halsway/Paredes/Fürsteneck Filming!

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I'm back from the three different workshop weekends and have had a couple of days to do some filming! So finally I'm catching up with lessons that needed to be caught up with! It's been a wonderful few weeks with all the workshops! All just as amazing as each other!

So what is new on the site this week?

For nyckelharpa we have:
Klas i Kulan Bor i Halvepanan
The Fitter Dance
Olle's Födelsedags Låt has had a new teaching video added to it

For Flute we're onto C and The Chelmsford Assembly
For the Säckpipa we have a little video showing the fingering needed to be able to play in the key of D major on a set of E/A pipes!


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