Week 24: One Week Until Midsommar!

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We've been very much away this week, but I did have a question about one of the lessons last night with a D tuning question, so once we'd finished rehearsing I went and filmed a quick video. Speed was of the essence, so I filmed in the spare room! I added that video to the original lesson.
Starter for Two - D tuned

It's fast approaching Midsommar and there are some definite tunes a person needs to learn for midsommar. I am on the road and away from camera for the next week - but I'm going to see if I can put together a Midsommar Tune Survival guide whilst I'm away - I may need to film by stealth! Watch out for next week's blog entry, I'll add it early and keep updating as I go!

This got me thinking about Midsommar 2020. I did some films for a Swedish mosaic, pairing Böl-Olle's Schottis with Äppelbo Gånglåt. So I've added Böl-Olle's Schottis to this site and included the video at the bottom of this page!

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