Week 16: World Nyckelharpa Day

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It’s the Friday before World Nyckelharpa Day and I’ve been full on working on the website. I’m now on the road with limited access to the internet, so to find out what’s going on pop on over to the World Nyckelharpa Day website! However you'll find me doing these things at these times!

Saturday 23rd
21:00 – The Global Byss-Calle 25 Mosaic 

Sunday 24th
09:00 – Vicki Swan presents something a little Left Field
11:30 – The Halsway Manor workshop perform Byss-Calle Number 31
11:45 – The Global Vännens Långdans Playalong (Vännens is at 12:00)
14:00 – Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer’s WND Session
19:00 – Vicki Swan performs Byss-Calle Number 19
19:15 – Vicki Swan performs Byss-Calle Number 11
19:30 – Vicki Swan performs Byss-Calle Number 10
19:45 – The 2nd Global Vännens Långdans – Vännens is Midday Pacific time (8pm UK)

That'll keep you going!

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