Week 6: The Children’s Lessons

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Week 6: The Children's Lessons

I've been inspired this week to finally get all of videos that I filmed back at the start of lockdown in April 2020 sorted and added to the site. I think it's really important to bring the next generation of nyckelharpa players online and these lessons are aimed at really young players starting out on mini-harpas. I was never 100% happy with what I filmed - but I am better off putting them up and letting them be viewed and used! The more of us that play the harpa the better! I hope they are of some use!
Perry the Partridge (child lesson)
ABCs (child lesson)
Femtiöringen (child lesson)
Sticky G (child lesson)
London Bridge is Falling Down (child lesson)
Hopping (child lesson)
Jumping Peas (child lesson)
DAA (child lesson)
Ode to Joy (child lesson)
(London's Burning) (child lesson)
The Cuckoo (child lesson)
Miss Mack (child lesson)
The Shoemaker (child lesson)
Flagpole Tree (child lesson)

I added a version of the Global Vännens Långdans for WND on this site and also The Braes of Dornoch as this week's new lesson of choice. This tune is in the waiting list to go onto a session, so watch out for it later! I've made two columns on the tunes by name page, it was getting quite long!
I've also added a new tune into the säckpipa course - Älgknappen.
I plan on getting the camera out tomorrow, so new videos next week!

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