Week 25: Tunes Update

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Week 25: Tunes Update

It's coming up to midsommar, so everyone needs to be prepared! I filmed Små Grodorna this week so you're ready! We have also already decided on the next session so I can reveal to all loyal readers of this blog entry that it's going to be our waltz tunes part 2!
One for Diana
The Race for Home
Poppy's Present
The Revelstoke Wedding
The Willows (totally new)

Dance Tunes
Tongue in Cheek

Tune Friday
Små Grodorna (totally new)

For Children
March of the Daffodils
Fallen Apples

This weeks Folkie Flute Friday tune is The Humours of Dublin. Our next Zoom dance is on Tuesday 29th June - so if you want to play along grab the dots from the dance page and get in touch for the Zoom link!

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