Second Week of April Tune List

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This year is moving on apace and it's only two weeks to World Nyckelharpa Day! So not technically new to the site this week I'm going to just do a reminder of these two tunes!
Lille Långdans från Bingsjö - we'd like as many people playing this tune at midday UK time as possible and then edit together a mosaic of people playing it!
Klockstapelvalsen - I love Byss-Calle and decided that I'd like to make a mosaic of it - just because!
So onto the tune list for this week!
Tunes Moved = 102 out of 300
**totally new**

Old Style Harpas
Çantigas de Sante Maria No. 417**
**Cantigas de Santa Maria No. 42**

Tune Friday
Stures Schottis (Schottis)
Vendelpolskan (polska)
1814 (polska)
Cadrill Kozaken (misc)

Complete Beginners
Fixing Sticky Keys
Changing the Melody Strings
Changing the Sympathetic Strings

Virtual Halsway Session is complete up to Session 2
Other sessions have lessons done, but everything is totally complete to that point!
All the tune pads are downloadable, it's just the lessons

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