Fourth Week of March Tune List

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Fourth Week of March Tune List

Here is the list of new tunes and resources added this week. We don't have any livestreams in the diary for this week - so the camera is going to get a good recording workout! Watch this space!
Tunes Moved = 74 out of 300
** Totally New!

Beginner Tunes
Ut i Gröna Lunden
Lampshade Tree
Dans i Hagen
Shepherd's Hey
Polska efter Båtsman Däck

Tune Friday
Klockstapelsvalsen (Byss-Calle)
Barham Down (Playford)
The Halsway Parade (March)
Emma from Finland (Waltz)
Äppelbo Gånglåt (Gånglåt)
**Childegrove** (Playford)
**Row Well Ye Mariners** (Playford)

Vicki & Jonny's Dance Tunes
One for Diana (Waltz)
St Alban's New Contra (Reel)

Old Style Nyckelharpas
Petit Riens

Subscriber Extras
Medieval Music in the Dales (presentation)
Meet our Strange and Ancient Instruments (presentation)
Flurry 21 Dancing in the Cloud (Play-along Dance)

Halsway Virtual Bar Session
This page is in progress as it's all the sessions on one page. This is what is currently sorted with lessons for all the different tunes:
Session Zero
Session Zero Part 2
Session 1

Nyckelharpa Four-a-Day
Day 17 C tuned
Day 17 D tune

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