First Week of March – Tune List

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First Week of March - Tune List

I've been busy adding lessons, to help you keep track here is a list of the tunes that I've added in the last seven days! I'll do a new list next Sunday too! It's a nice little mix of everything from hopefully most (if not all the courses!)

Tune Friday:
Schottis efter Knaft Jonke (schottis)
Lille Lappens Lila Polska in C (slängpolska)

Focus on Technique Course
An Aire for Aires

Gammalharpa Course:
Två Hjärtans Polska (Moraharpa)
Änglapolskan (silverbasharpa)

Zen Scales Course:
Zen Scales Week 2

Time to Dance Course:
Doodle Oak Cloggers

Complete Beginners Course:
Bonden i Paradis
Flagpole Tree

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