Paredes Workshops

This is the page where I will place all the resources. I will add to it each time and update what we've done! I will give everyone access to the whole website - but I will need your email address to make your login - so please get in touch!

Thursday 18th September 2022
Thank you for coming! We did these things:
Perry the Partridge (the canon)
Klas i Kulan Bor i Halvepanan
The Fitters Dance
PDF of music

We did also play Byss-Calle Number 32! And if you would like to hear the story again it is here!

Thursday 19th May 2022
Thank you for coming! We did four tunes and these are links to the lessons. I will send you a login to be able to access them. (The videos are also listed below.)
Lavender’s Blue
Ut i Gröna Lunden
The Shoe Maker
Röra Röret
The Bent Thumb
How to Turn on Original Sound
PDF of the music

We didn't do these this month - we'll do them next month!

Bonden i Paradis
Horses Bransle

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