Paredes Zoom Workshop Series 2022

This is the page where I will place all the resources. I will add to it each time and update what we've done! I will give everyone access to the whole website - but I will need your email address to make your login - so please get in touch!

Thursday 14th July 2022
Welcome to the next workshop!
I will work on the tunes we have in the pdf. I will write a note if I add anything new!

Thursday 19th May 2022
Thank you for coming! We did four tunes and these are links to the lessons. I will send you a login to be able to access them. (The videos are also listed below.)
Lavender’s Blue
Ut i Gröna Lunden
The Shoe Maker
Röra Röret
The Bent Thumb
How to Turn on Original Sound
PDF of the music

We didn't do these this month - we'll do them next month!

Bonden i Paradis
Horses Bransle

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