Day 5 – NH4aD – version 1

Day Five - I'm still not 100% with day five yet. So there are two versions! Take a look at both!
today we are adding the dotted crotchet and the tie. A tie is where two notes are 'tied' together, you don't play a new note, just keep the bow moving the same way.  In line one we have a bar of half count notes, bar two has a one crotchet and two quavers. Bar three 'ties together the crotchet and the quaver. Bar four uses a dotted crotchet - this is exactly the same as tieing together the crotchet and the quaver. So bars 3 and 4 sound exactly the same.
You will find that because one note is longer and one note is shorter that you will work your way down the bow. To counter this just pick the bow up and bring it back down to the heel.

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