Grizzly Hills – World of Warcraft

In this time of lockdown I've been trying to create some humorous videos. This idea sprang into my head. Character select from an RPG game. But what music to choose? Zelda? Final Fantasy? (The games from my gaming days!) No - it was obvious. Grizzly Hills from World of Warcraft. I suspect there are probably lots of gamers out there that have no idea that this is actually recorded on nyckelharpa!
So having filmed the characters I then had to find and record the music. Youtube and google were my friends. I "grabbed" and audio file from a youtube video fro Grizzly Hills, made the video. Then found the dots online and recorded my own version added wind/forest noise and there you have it.The dots came from here and I am very grateful to Seda Baykara for having figured out the notation! It made it possible for me to record it quickly!

It's been fun watching the nyckelharpa community discuss what should and shouldn't have been the strength and weaknesses of the 3-row. 😂
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