Week 23: Flute Filming Week

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We've had a couple of days at home this week so I cracked out the camera and did a whole bunch of flute videos. It's a mix of Swedish tunes and dance tunes. So watch for those as they get published over the coming months! I'm hoping to film some more pipe lessons this week, so fingers crossed!

So what's new to the site this week? There's quite a spread, making up for so much time away!
In nyckelharpa news we have a silverbasharpa lesson! I play the tune on both nyckelharpa and silverbasharpa, but it is a silverbas tune. It's Polska från Mulseryd and it's a tune from Småland. Enjoy playing with gusto and as if you were an old style harpa player razzing all the strings!
I added a standalone video to Jonny's New Vals so you can play along with us in the lesson.
It was a request to have a breakdown of the rhythm on the flute version of Tierpspolskan. So I've updated that lesson and it now includes articulations and grace notes for the flute.
On the Scottish Smallpipes I've started adding Chapter 4 of the Scottish Smallpipes tutor to the site. Part 1 is now up!
As this is a non-dance week I am featuring one of our lockdown sessions that we did at Halsway Manor: Lockdown Halsway Bar Session 2
Catch club this week is an easy catch - The Bluebell Line. I love to do this tune with four players and one instrument. But this time you get a minus-1 video!
We have a a Symmetry dance on Sunday and the music is up. So come along live and play-along!
More next week!

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