Week 12: Spring Equinox

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It's been the spring equinox this week and the pull to do some gardening has been strong! I did film a few more walk throughs for Catches and spent a lot of time putting together what I am going to teach at Halsway in a couple of weeks. I've started putting together a pad of catches for the beginner, so nice and simple. It takes a lot of work to put Catch Club together though - so you won't see those for a few weeks! We had a lovely Symmetry dance on Tuesday and that video is now editing and up for you to play along with! So what's new this week? We also made a little video of Hälleforsnäspolskan as an advert for the Spring into Scandinavia Week at the end of April. There are still spaces for accordions! It's a great tune, so if you don't know it go over to the lesson page! It's even there as a flute tune.

The Symmetry Play-along video is up.
Catch Club on Sunday is Fie, Nay, Prithee John.
On the säckpipa we have Polska efter Mans Olsson.
On the nyckelharpa we have a wonderful tune from Småland on the silverbasharpa! Polska efer Blinde Janne

Plans are now afoot for World Nyckelharpa Day and the first mail shot went out. I defintiely need people to start sending in videos! So visit the blog entry on the World Nyckelharpa Day website to keep up with all the news!
Have a good week.

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